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About Us

How long has Cube Foundation been around?

Cube Foundation was founded in 2002 in order to create a place, a hub where all members of the community could come together for the common good of all without the politics of culture, sectarianism, group-ism or other prejudices.

What are the aims and objectives of the Cube Foundation?

Our areas of concern include the promotion of the Islamic Faith, the promotion of education, empowering the youth, promoting care for the environment and helping the vulnerable and needy through welfare and relief work in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Why the name Cube?

The name Cube has been taken in honour of the Ka’bah, which is the name of the cube-like structure in Makkah, also known as “Baitullah”, the house of Allah (swt). The Ka'bah is the most sacred building in Islam and is the focal point for millions of Muslims each year during the hajj (pilgrimage) as well as the Qiblah (direction) for over a billion worshippers around the world for 5 daily prayers.


The Ka’bah symbolises the Unity of God and the Unity of Mankind. As the Ka'bah unites people and acts as a focal point on a global scale, similarly the Cube Foundation aims to unite people on a community level around doing good for the community.

Which group or sect does Cube Foundation belong to?

Cube Foundation is not affiliated to any group or organisation but bearing the Qur'anic verse below in mind, Cube works with ALL sincere Muslim and Non-Muslim groups and individuals and in fact consists of members from various Muslim groups and Organisations united for mutual goals.

We place a great amount of emphasis on our great Islamic history and heritage left by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and our rightly guided predecessors, who not only excelled in their chosen fields, but who positively changed the shape of the world forever.


❝ Help one another in al-birr and at-taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety) but do not help one another in Sin ❞

Al-Qur’an, 05:02

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