Suh'ba Youth Project

The Cube Foundation Youth wing is known as the Suh'ba Youth Project and consists of different initiatives that aim to engage, enable and empower our youth to become the leaders of tommorow.


Suhba Youth Project is working with HMYOI WETHERBY Prison as part of an innovative mentoring scheme. Volunteers from the Suhba Project act as mentors for designated indivuals 6 months prior to thier release into the community in which time they build a relationship of trust and respect and then follow it 6 months after release in order to help offenders in settling back into the community.

A crucial part of this re-settling includes a new 'crowd'  or 'Suhba' for the young person from where they can get support. Statistics show that around half of all offenders will quickly re-offend and so we believe with a new Suhba this wont be the case.   


If you want to get invloved as a mentor email