We believe that Muslims have alot of positve things to offer to British Society. Quality writing being just one of these positive contributions, We believe that there are many immensely talented writers out there in the British Muslim community but due to various factors are never recognised and given the credit they deserve. 

Our aim at YMW is to help bring this talent to shine through to mainstream British society.

We must emphasise that although YMW is primarily aimed at Muslims we nevertheless welcome people of all faiths to become members and take full part in our activities.

If you would like to get involved then send us an email to admin@yorkshiremuslimwriters.org and be sure to join our mailing list for the all important updates.


Current activities;

1.Reading Circles

2. Girls Bookclub


For more about YMW visit the project website www.yorkshiremuslimwriters.org

or email admin@yorkshiremuslimwriters.org