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participants licker picking
Sheffield locals litter picking alongside Cube Foundation Founder, Mohammed Yaseen (right)

A Commitment to Cleanliness and Community Development

In a bid to promote environmental sustainability and foster a sense of civic responsibility, we're proud to have announced the relaunch of our community litter picking initiative, which initially took off in 2013. This inspiring endeavour aims to bring together people of all backgrounds and faiths in a collective effort to keep our beloved city clean and beautiful.

Since its inception, Cube Foundation has been at the forefront of various community-driven initiatives, consistently striving to make a positive impact. The relaunch of the litter picking campaign exemplifies our unwavering commitment to nurturing a cleaner and healthier environment, fostering a spirit of unity and service among the local residents.

Our litter picking initiative, which gained significant recognition during its earlier run, witnessed numerous volunteers gathering on weekends to tackle litter hotspots, parks, and public spaces. By rolling up their sleeves, the community made a tangible difference in transforming their surroundings and creating a sense of pride in their local area and city.

This relaunch not only signifies our dedication to environmental conservation but also serves as a reminder of the importance of collective action in building a sustainable future. Through this initiative, Cube Foundation hopes to inspire a sense of responsibility and awareness among residents, encouraging them to play an active role in keeping their neighbourhoods clean.

Speaking at the event, Mohammed Yaseen, Founder of Cube Foundation, stated:

"We believe that true change starts from within the community. Our litter picking initiative empowers individuals to take ownership of their surroundings and make a tangible difference in creating a cleaner and more beautiful environment for everyone. By fostering a sense of unity and environmental consciousness, we aim to inspire a lasting positive change."

The initiative is just one of many projects by Cube Foundation to promote positive change within the local community and around the world.

How to get involved?

Our community litter picking events take place on a monthly basis, with everyone in the locality encouraged to attend. Participants are all provided with litter pickers and bin liners, so can just show up on the day and hit the ground running!

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