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Founded in 2002 in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Cube Foundation is a faith- based, registered UK charity that works at grass root level within communities. The name Cube has been taken from the Arabic word Ka’bah, which is the name of the cube-like structure in Mecca, also known as “Baitullah”, the house of Allah (SWT). The Ka'bah is an icon for Muslim unity and the focal point for millions of Muslims each year during the hajj (pilgrimage) in Mecca. 


Cube provides a common platform form where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come and work together for the common good and the betterment of society as a whole. It thus operates a non-partisan, non groupist approach to all its work and so calls out to all like-minded individuals to get involved.


You can now support the work of the Cube Foundation in many ways and help to ensure that the important work continues for many more decades to come insha allah.


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Our Projects include:

Lote Tree Academy New Mobile No.07743095340




SORT CODE: 30-97-51

ACC.NO. 42371460

Lote Tree Academy Standing Order Form
It is now more easier and convenient to pay your child's fee please complete attached form and we will set up a monthly Standing Order.
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Lote Tree Academy Application Form.
We currently have places available for Reception and Qaida classes.
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