" I am a very keen supporter of many of the projects that Cube Foundation has delivered over the last decade, in particular I have had the opportunity to work closely with the founder Mohammed Yaseen on many initiatives and feel that Cube Foundation is providing invaluable support and services to the community in South Yorkshire. Cube Foundation has a very dedicated team of volunteers and I pray wholeheartedly for their success"


Ahmad Hussain - International Nasheed Artist and Producer


"The Cube Foundation exemplifies the mercy and social conscience inherent in Islam. It strikes a bold path in bringing a fresh and vigorous range of grass-roots services that are open to all. Unique, essential and vibrant; the Foundation really is how a House of God should be. If you are in Sheffield and want to see a living British bastion of Islam then this is the first and last place you should visit"


Zahid Hussain, Poet and Novelist

(author of 'The Curry Mile')


"We have had the opportunity to witness first hand some of the work that Cube Foundation have and continue to do, they are an asset to the community in Sheffield and work tirelessly and unselfishly to support new and non Muslims, the vulnerable and the wider community. We pray that Allah (swt) continues to bless the team at Cube Foundation so that they can continue to strive and deliver the much needed projects"
IQRA Promotions - Independent Islamic Record Label

"The Cube Foundation is a community based charity based in Darnall, Sheffield that's concerned with welfare, education and environmental issues. Volunteers help keep local streets clean, provide kids with extracurricular tuition to help them with their education, collect food to distribute to those more needy amongst us. Whilst its undoubtedly right to fight for a better deal from the local and national government, particular at this time of economic austerity, getting on with what needs to be done is surely a requirement of all active citizens"


Russell Cavanagh, Multi Media Content Producer and Editor