Syed Iqbal Islam


Lote Tree Academy Language School Co-ordinator

Syed Iqbal Islam was born in Bangladesh, and had the dual experience of early childhood both in England and Bangladesh. In 1989 he moved and settled down in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He has BSc (Hons) in Science with Education from Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently working as Digital Media Project co-ordinator. His keen interest in travelling and hiking has recently led him to the top of Mount Ben Nevis in Scotland. He hopes that his involvement with the Cube Foundation will enable him to contribute something positive in the field of da'wah and towards community development.

To contact Iqbal Islam Email:  siislam@cubefoundation.org

Niaz Khan


Born in Pakistan in 1965, Niaz Khan moved with his family to England whilst still an infant. He completed his vocational education at local schools and colleges in Sheffield after which he went on to read for his Bsc in Microbiology at The University of Sheffield. Niaz Khan’s career has been both varied and colourful. Before practising Islam, he worked as a successful model and actor. He then joined the police force and later worked at Sheffield Hallam University as a Microbiology Laboratory Manager. He has also worked as a youth leader with young Muslim men for many years up until 2002. He has also worked abroad in Canada and the USA. He completed his MBA from the Sheffield Business School in 2001. Niaz has worked as a Connexions Personal Adviser in pre 16 and post 16 work and currently works at Sheffield College as a Tutor Mentor in Animal Care. He has always had a dual role in The Cube Foundation firstly as General Secretary and secondly as Manager of TAIP, the Truth about Islam Project. Niaz Khan currently resides in Sheffield with his family.

To contact Niaz Khan email:  niaz@cubefoundation.org

Hafidh Riyasat Saleem

Trustee & Treasurer 

Lote Tree Academy Madrassa Coordinator

Born in Rotherham, Hafiz Riyasat Saleem moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire at an early age and was raised there. Whilst at School he also took evening classes at Markazi Jamia Masjid, Sheffield and completed his Hifdh at the age of 15. For the next few years, he led the Taraweeh prayer at the same Masjid as well at Masjid Elahi in Sheffield. Currently employed in the Public Service Sector, Riyasat lives with his family in Sheffield. He is currently serving as Treasurer on the Shurah Board for the Cube Foundation as well as working closely with local madrassah’s in order to improve the standards of learning.

To contact Hafiz Riyasat Saleem email: riyasat@cubefoundation.org

Mohammed Yaseen

Founder & Chairman 

Born in Kashmir, Mohammed Yaseen moved to Sheffield with his family at the age of six. He is the author of the award-winning children's book "The Colour Blind Boy" and has worked with Iqra promotions as a Script Writer and Creative Director on  Ahmad Hussain’s 'Aye Khuda' Urdu Nasheed Video as well as doing a guest appearance in the video 'I turn to You'. His lyrical poem 'Allah is calling you' is featured in the Nasheed Album 'The Greatest Gift' released by London-based Nasheed group, Labbayk in Ramadhan 2012.

He has a Bachelors (Hons) Degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Leeds and a Masters (Distinction) Degree in Education from the University of Gloucestershire. Mohammed Yaseen also runs a driving school in Sheffield where he resides with his wife and 5 children. (www.yasmotoring.com).To contact Mohammed Yaseen email: yaseen@cubefoundation.org


Khateja Khan


Lote Tree Academy Madrassa Head Teacher


Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, sister Khateja moved to Sheffield in 2010.  She has a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Sociology and is a qualified primary school teacher.  

Having studied various Islamic disciplines from local scholars, she is currently working towards an ijaazah in Hafs an Aasim under the guidance of Dr Azizah al Yousef, Taibah University, Madina.  She has written articles on a number of issues and has a keen interest in interior design.  

At present she is the Head Teacher of Lote Tree Academy, runs a hifdh-ul-Qur’an support group for sisters and lives with her husband and three young children.

To contact Khateja Khan email: 




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