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Below are the many ways you can help and support the Cube Foundation keep its 100% DONATIONS POLICY. By helping us cover our admin costs through the methods below we can make sure that your donations reach your chosen individual project and those most in need insha allah!




Clothing and Shoe banks

Use our clothing and shoe banks to reycle your old clothes and shoes at the following locations:


1. Cube Foundation Centre

226 Darnall Road

Sheffield S9 5AN


2. Pakistan Muslim Centre 

Woodbourn Rd, 

Sheffield S9 3LQ8

3. Bangla Bazar (rear of)

Staniforth Road,

Sheffield S9

Shop Online

Shop Online and support our work, both at the same time without paying anything extra. Each time you shop as normal from your favourite online shops such as Ebay, Amazon, Argos etc these partners will give us a donation. It's that simple. Start shopping today by clicking the link below.



Remember us in your du'as

There is no power greatrer than that of the du'a. Please pray sincerly for our success so we can do more good works and continue to please the Creator and serve His creation.



Alhamdulillah with a growing number of volunteers the Cube Foundation is expanding its work to meet even more needs of the Muslim and the general community at large insha allah. We are always looking for more volunteers who can get involved and be part of a growing organisation. You can rest assured  knowing that as well as gaining worldly benefits such as work experience and a CV reference,  you will more importantly be meeting the needs of the needy and thus be rewarded ultimately in the hereafter by The Almighty. 

Contact us today to get involved!!

Cube Foundation

226 Darnall Road,
Sheffield S9 5AN,
South Yorkshire

United Kingdom
Office Times: 

Monday to Friday 4pm-6pm

Sundays 10:30am - 1:30pm

Office: 01142 425490

Mobile:  07743095340





SORT CODE: 30-97-51

ACC.NO. 42371460

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