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Noble Quran/Tafseer

Noble Quran: English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall
Adobe Acrobat Document 708.7 KB
Noble Qur'an: English Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Adobe Acrobat Document 821.0 KB
Tafsir Ibn Kathir
Complete Quranic Exegesis by Imam Ibn Kathir Translated into English (Abridged into 10 Volumes).
Tafsir Ibn Kathir all 10 volumes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 31.7 MB
Miracles of the Qur'an
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.7 MB
The Merits of Reciting the Qur'an
Merits of Reciting the Quran.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 166.0 KB

Hadith of The Prophet Muhammad pbuh

40 Hadith by Imam An-Nawwawi
Arbaeen of Imam An-Nawwawi
40 Ahadith of Imam An-Nawwawi.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 36.7 KB
40 Hadith on the Virtue of Ahl Al-Bayt
40 Hadith on Virtue of Ahl Al-Bayt
of Shaykh Yusuf Al-Nabahani (May Allah show him mercy)
40 Hadith Ahlul Bayt Final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 431.6 KB
Invoking Blessings Upon the Chosen Prophet
Invoking Blessings Upon the Chosen Proph
Adobe Acrobat Document 141.0 KB
The Light of Sight (A Concise Biography of the Prophet)
The Light of Sight (A Concise Biography
Adobe Acrobat Document 792.9 KB
40 Hadith on Marriage by Mulla Ali Al-Qari
Removing sins and lowering the wing by Forty Hadith on Marriage
Compiled by
Shaykh Mulla Ali Al-Qari
40 Hadith on Marriage pdf.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 858.4 KB
40 Hadith on Divine Mercy
Forty Hadith on Divine Mercy
Adobe Acrobat Document 335.4 KB

Sahabah (Raa)

Khalid Bin Walid: The Sword of Allah
Biography of the Muslim Commander Khalid Bin Walid who is known as The Sword of Allah.
SWORD OF ALLAH_Khalid Bin Walid_eBook.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.7 MB
Forty Hadith on the superiority of Abu Bakr the Truthful
Forty hadith on the superiority of Abu Bakr the Truthful/ Meadow of the fastidious in the virtue of the truthful by Imam As-Suyuti
40 Hadith on the Virtues of Abu Bakr the
Adobe Acrobat Document 381.7 KB


Sufism in the West
(eds)Jamal Malik
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.1 MB
Shaykh Abu’l ‘Abbās al-Mursī
Shaykh Abu Abbas al Mursi.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 75.3 KB
Ahmad Zarruq - The Principles of Sufism (Qawa'id al-Tasawwuf)
An Annotated Translation
Adobe Acrobat Document 11.3 MB
Shaykh Badr al-Dīn al-Ḥasanī
Shaykh Badr al-Dīn al-Ḥasanī.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 202.4 KB
Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi
Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 49.5 KB
Shaykh Ahmad ibn Salih al-Habbal
Shaykh Ahmad ibn Salih al-Habbal.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 125.3 KB
Shaykh Shukri al-Lahfi
Shaykh Shukri al-Lahfi.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 43.8 KB
Imam Suyuti Permissibility of Loud Dhikr
Imam Suyuti Permissibility of loud dhikr
Adobe Acrobat Document 161.8 KB
Epistle of the Bird by Imam Ghazali (Arabic)
Imam Ghazali Epistle of the Bird.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 385.0 KB
Invoking The Divine Name
Adobe Acrobat Document 681.5 KB

Contemporary Issues

Time Management : An Islamic Perspective
A great book on time Management from an Islamic perspective.
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.5 MB
Fiqh Of Fasting [Shāfiʿī]
Fiqh Of Fasting [Shāfiʿī].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 216.7 KB
The Legal Ruling on Smoking by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi - The Legal R
Adobe Acrobat Document 985.7 KB
Islam and the Cultural Imperative by Dr Umar Faruq Abdallah
Dr Umar Faruq Abdallah - Islam and the C
Adobe Acrobat Document 331.9 KB
How To Integrate The Remembrance Of God Into Teaching
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.4 MB

General Articles on Islam

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.8 MB
The Concept of God in Islam
concept of god in islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 50.7 KB
Salah Ad-Din Al-Ayyubi
An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎‎ / : Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb; Kurdish: سەلاحەدینی ئەییووبی‎ / ALC-LC: Selahedînê Eyûbî), known as Saladin (1137 – March 1193), was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. A Sunni Muslim of Kurdish origin, Saladin led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader states in the Levant. At the height of his power, his sultanate included Egypt, Syria, Upper Mesopotamia, the Hejaz, Yemen and other parts of North Africa.
Adobe Acrobat Document 12.9 MB
Islam at a Glance
Islam at a glance.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 23.9 KB
Do you know this Man?
do you know this man.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 16.4 KB
Life after Death
life after death.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 14.9 KB
Human Rights in Islam
human rights in islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.5 KB
Prophethood in Islam
prophethood in islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.5 KB
The Concept of Worship in Islam
the concept of worship in islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.5 KB
The Moral System of Islam
the moral system of Islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.8 KB
What the Bible says about Muhammad
what bible says about mohammad.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 61.3 KB
What they say about Islam
what they say about islam.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 47.8 KB
What they say about Muhammad
What they say about mohammad.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 14.9 KB
What they say about the Qur'an
what they say about the quran.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 14.0 KB
Love and Marriage Advice Notes
Love and Marriage Advice Notes from class of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
Adobe Acrobat Document 86.5 KB
The Ten Days of Dhul-Hijja
Adobe Acrobat Document 452.4 KB
Merits of Sending Prayers Upon the Messenger (pbuh)
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
The Blessings of the Night of Mid Shaban
The Blessings of the Night of Mid Shaban
Adobe Acrobat Document 195.2 KB
Timeless Lessons from the Greatest Migration in History
Timeless Lessons from the Greatest Migra
Adobe Acrobat Document 81.0 KB
Dr Umar Faruq Abdullah - One God Many Names
Dr Umar Faruq Abdullah - One God Many Na
Adobe Acrobat Document 187.9 KB
Al-Qarawiyyin University & Its Role in History
Al-Qarawiyyin University & Its Role in H
Adobe Acrobat Document 49.8 KB
The History of the Caliphate
The History of the Caliphate.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.1 KB
Our Youth Our Future
Our Youth Our Furture.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 125.1 KB
Dalail al- Khayrat in English
Dalail al- Khayrat in English.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 776.0 KB

General Topic eBooks

How to Read a Book
Adler, Mortimer - How To Read A Book.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB
Book of Knowldege by Imam Al-Ghazali
Adobe Acrobat Document 11.3 MB
Terrorism & The Illuminati by David Livingstone
Terrorism & The Illuminati by David Livi
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.2 MB
Body Count
Body Count: A quantitative review of political violence across world civilizations by Naveed S. Sheikh University of Louisville
Adobe Acrobat Document 560.5 KB

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